The theme that I decided to go for was tribalism and here are a few pictures that I took at the Stratford shopping Centre where people come to shop during the day but at night it becomes a playground for skateboarders. You would never expect to see many people skating inside a shopping Centre knowing that there are many skate parks in London, I decided to look online for images that’s is related to the theme tribalism I decided to shoot from angles that may look interesting.  The theme itself was pretty broad I mean you can think of many things to relate to tribalism at first it was difficult to think about what I can but Hipsters was one of my first ideas but skating was the better choice.

After closing hours of the shopping Centre I decided to go and see if there was anyone skating within the shopping Centre however I got lucky because there were many people skateboarding. That’s not the only thing I saw because many homeless people who use the shopping Centre as shelter. Before shooting the images I had to visualize how I was going to take the picture see if the angle was appropriate.