For this task we was told to make a app that would be really useful to people.The theme that was given to us was time. We researched a lot of different apps.In the image below you can see the planning of how the app is going to look and what kind of features it would have. To make things much easier we downloaded apps that are already on the market and see what what features it has and maybe we can include them into our app.


Week one:

Once we were given the theme of our project we started to come up with different ideas to what we thought may work. Our theme for this project was ‘Time’. Initially we came up with the concept of an alarm clock and time schedule app. As we couldn’t decide which one was better to use or to work with, we came to the decision of doing both. We wanted create an app which is aimed for students who need to manage their time with studies and everyday life. We also decided to add the clock in as well as it could be an alarm for setting chores etc.

Week two:

As we knew exactly what we wanted to do and create we needed to come up with other ideas on what to add on the app itself. We needed a catchy and simple name which could be related to our age group. As we knew ‘slang’ is very popular amongst our age group we decided to create a ‘ghetto’ app and came up with a unique and funny name. We named our app ‘Got Clocked’. We felt it fit in very well with the scheme we wanted. Once we decided on the name we had other ideas on what we could include in the app. We thought we could have an alarm system for each chore and if you were to miss any chore when being reminded 3 times, the app will go blank and it will say ‘You Got Clocked’.

We wanted to research different apps which were similar to ours. As we have always been told that ‘there’s an app for that’. So we find many apps which were very similar and had similar outlines to what we intended to create. Apps such as ‘Alarmone’ and ‘wake and shake’ had similar activities and similar features to what we wanted to create within our app. The app ‘Alarmone’ as it gives repeat functions for regular activity. Alarmone also has unlimited shifts were you can add different activities.

We decided to create a set of chores and create a small icon for each. We decided to draw each icon to make it feel more personal to the target audience instead of it looking very formal as all the other ones we researched did. We came up with a list of chores and activities people may do within their day to day lives.

Week Four:

This is when we began to use app furnace. This website was for us to create the actual part of our app and start to build it together. At first as a group we found it very difficult as some features we wanted to add were harder than what we initially thought. Some of the ideas we had such as creating a moving alarm clock in the middle of our app was almost impossible as we didn’t know how to create it. We ended up creating a cartoon clock which didn’t move. As we carried on making the app we came across more problems such as our drawings had a white boarder around them and we didn’t know to remove them through Photoshop. Also the audio we recorded for the icons came out very well, exactly how we intended. However when coding these into app furnace, the codes didn’t work for some of the sounds. We ended up having 2 icons with sound and the rest did not work. However with all the problems we encountered we still made an app which moved from A to B and had some of the features we wanted to include.

Photo 26-04-2015 17 41 49         Photo 26-04-2015 17 41 54

photo-26-04-2015-17-42-12     photo-26-04-2015-17-42-19



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