APPS Evaluation

For this project we had to create an app that was based on time. During the process there were many problems that we face and some of the things were creating the clock for our app because this was the first that we used app furnace and there was not enough time given to us to get use to the software. I believe the ideas that the members had were really good but we couldn’t include everything that we spoke about the fact time was against us and coding was really hard I asked a friend to help us code the app the fact that he studies computing but he himself said time was an issue. Everyone knew that the app will be aimed at teenagers because they are always on their mobile phones no matter where they are. Once we decided w what features and how the app is going to look we got straight to the work but it was confusing as I mentioned earlier we have need used app furnace before. However at the end we did still manage to make the app and add sound to the different icons. At the end we were happy that the app was working as we demonstrated it to the whole class we got feedback to see if the class thought out app was appropriate for everyone to use.


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