Written Evaluation – Sound

Overall this project for me was interesting for me the fact that I visited different places to record sound to tell a story what was more interesting was when it came down to editing the sound that I have recorded. But at the beginning of the project it was difficult because there were many location that I really wanted to go to but I had to narrow it down to 5 locations.This was my first time using a tas cam so I was worried that I was going to mess things up because I have never used this recording device before. During pre production we went out to record sound using but when we played it back it didn’t really sound like it is at a professional standard so I decided to look at tutorials on how to get high quality sound.I had many ideas that I really wanted to put in practice however not all were accomplished due to the fact that I had less time on my hands my final piece was done with some of help of fellow class member because we sat down together and spoke about how we can better quality sound and what type of story we can build with it. At the end of the final clip I decided include my short interview

Just before we had to upload onto sound cloud we had time to edit our work so got straight into by trying to make it clear. I decided to cut some parts of the clips because there were not really needed but I did lose some sound clips but that was not an issue because I recorded extra clips just in case something happened but that was replaceable.


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