Landscape Sounds

In todays session we were given information about how to edit the sounds on Audition and also how to use different affects.  We also were told that renaming files would be really helpful the reason for this is because not to get confused if we had a lot of sound clips.

Canary wharf was one of my first ideas the reason was because the area it self looks amazing and a lot of businesses is located in that area at night it looks beautiful you can see that through your own eyes in the image above.

London bridge was idea that came into my head because the area is great tourist attraction but the aim was to get sound not what you see visually so that area would be pointless for my project because thousnads of people use it to travel to different areas of London and I would get a traffic noise which is really boring.


Later on I then decided to go Westminster Where I came across the big Ben what really interest me about this area is that the big Ben is the biggest four faced clock in the world. The aim of this project was to record sound from different landscapes and it must tell a story to the audience so I have decided to do it as a journey where it begins when I leave my house.



Here is image of the different locations that I wanted to but Westminster was the landscape that interested me because London is a place where people visit for the attractions it has and big Ben is one them.


Here is a screenshot of the final version of the Landscape sounds I found it really difficult to remove unwanted sound one of my main problems was the wind I needed to record the chimes from the big ben but when you play the clip you can change the frequency of the wind level is getting high.


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