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Faceless Evaluation


During the production I was told to act in our short film but, I was also in charge of the sound making sure it was clear and suitable for the film and the audience are able to hear it. I also told to brainstorm all the different ideas that we can include in our film. Brainstorming ideas was really fun for me because I looked at many different examples on how to film ours. I was told to take out a sound recorder and find sounds that will have a good effect on our film.
However the sounds that we recorded going to be played around with on logic pro or garageband to make it sound sombre because, the theme of the short film was experimental because we wanted play around with all the different effects available on final cut pro x.

We started to film quite late because certain members of the group fell ill and were not able come in for Monday’s sessions so we all decided to go out filming last Monday and one day.it worked out really well because we were able to finish recording everything in one day. I think to make a project better you must be prepared to take on any task but mainly be well prepared. If we was to do another short film I would plan more about what to do each day or week so we don’t struggle about who’s doing what and when. Asking for feedback from the audience would be a great idea because they can tell us what they thought about our film and what we can do next time to make it better.

After the presentation we received feedback from the audience they were kind enough to point key parts of the that they enjoyed and what we can change to improve the film. But its also important to see what Johannes thinks about the film because, he set out certain rules to follow.


MS4101 – Film


Topic Chosen – The main topic of the film is where character within the film has come face to face with their doppelganger. We as a group have to come up with different themes and genres where it will be possible to show this scenario.

Brainstorming – We firstly came up with many different ideas which we thought may work and give us the greatest impact to our audiences.
Genre – Thriller
– Horror
– Experimental
We eventually came to the agreement of choosing an experimental genre. We thought that this would be the most beneficial for us all. As we are new film maker/ media producer we wanted to create something which we think has never been done before.

Location – UEL
– Costa Coffee
– Streets

We wanted to use all of these locations to show different scenes throughout the film.

Props – Masks

This will be the only prop we will use within the short film. We decided on this idea because doppelganger is someone who looks like yourself. However as that will be quite difficult, we wanted to use something unique so we could use two different people without worrying about if that characters look the same. Also another main reason for using this method is because we want to portray to our audiences that everyone is the same. There is no difference between two different people and we have been socialised in this way through various different medium. This therefore links to the sense of self which we are learning in the module MS4100. Another reason of using this concept is because we got inspiration from the film ‘Batman’. We got more of the inspiration from the character ‘The Joker’.

Story Outline / Synopsis

A character comes face to face with their faceless doppelganger. They go about their lives as normal but are continuously stopped along the way. Character A is awoken by his nightmares and they are shown to the audience through the mask. Character A is woken into a ‘real world’. His nightmares come to life and the masks are thoughts which come and go. During the way to the coffee shop the nightmare doppelganger arrives. The nightmare occurs due to the fact the character is alone. When meeting his doppelganger he gets a sense of relief and his faceless face is therefore is realised. However the nightmare doppelganger receives the loneliness by facing the world alone.

Filming Schedule

2nd November – 1st lot filming needs to be complete

9th November – 2nd half of the filming and any other shots must be completed.

13th November – Complete editing during this week.

Shot List

  • Medium shot – gives audience more time to think about the emotions portrayed on a character.
  • Long shot – audience are able to see the location and surrounding of the character.
  • Close up – to feel the tension we are trying to portray to our audiences.

We are using these three shots because we have decided not to use any zooming, panning or tilt to make it more of a challenge for us to create something which is power


  • Myer Deren – An American producer who created an experimental film. She had continuous reoccurrence throughout the film. We want to use a similar feature in our film. Also her film is in black and white and we wanted to use this idea to create more atmosphere.
  • Clockwork Orange – Image and sound don’t correspond to one another. We wanted to use this idea also because we are creating an experimental film which gives us more room to be creative with our ideas.
  • Batman – Joker – the happy masks represents what we want to show. However still just posing as they are not really happy.


A clockwork orange (1971) Directed by Stanley Kubrick , Warner Bros

Batman (2008) Directed by Christopher Nolan (DVD) , Warner Bros

Fight club (1999) Directed by David Fincher , Fox 2000 Pictures

Meshes of the Afternoon (1943) Directed by Maya Deren